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April 25 – 30, 2020 Casa Tara, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Spend five days this April advancing your asana practice and hitting the reset button in beautiful Baja, Mexico!

We’ll kick off each morning with a vigorous 90-minute workshop-style focused flow class designed to guide you deeper into your physical practice.
Then, the day is yours to spend kite surfing, hiking, hanging out on the beach, scuba diving, swimming with whales, enjoying the ocean on a stand-up paddle or kayak, or indulging in onsite spa treatments.
In the evenings, we’ll enjoy a luxurious hour-long sunset restorative + yin practice ending with a deeply calming yoga nidra meditation before dinner.
Three delicious organic pescatarian meals per day are included.

Peppered with influences from her trainings in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, rooted in the alignment principles of Iyengar, structured in the cYoga style, and informed by the wisdom of SmartFLOW yoga, Aislinn’s classes are a fun, fluid and dynamic invitation to explore and expand the edges of your physical and mental capabilities. Her teaching style is playful, creative and lively, her intelligently sequenced classes never the same experience twice. It is her strong belief that laughter is an essential piece of the practice, and so she infuses a healthy dose of humor into every class she teaches. It is her intention to leave each student feeling strong, clear-headed, and capable of even more than they previously believed possible.

For Aislinn, yoga is far more than a physical practice. It has been a lifestyle, a loyal friend, a healer and a confidant. Yoga has been the connecting force between her soul and the endless abundance of the universe, a long-awaited invitation to the present moment, and an intense light piercing the suffocating darkness of addiction. Yoga continues to change her life for the better every day, and it is her absolute pleasure and privilege to guide you through this transformative practice as your yoga instructor.

Aislinn is E-RYT-200 certified, with over 5,000 teaching hours accumulated in five and a half years as an instructor; she received her first formal training under Doron Hanoch of Doron Yoga, and completed a year-long mentorship with popular Bay Area instructor Lauren Anas. Her style is heavily influenced by her longtime teacher, Carmen Aguilar, founder of The Lab Chicago and creator of cYoga, with whom Aislinn completed a second 200-hour training in December 2017. She is currently working on her 300-hour training with renowned teachers’ teacher Annie Carpenter, creator of SmartFLOW yoga, and regularly practices under senior Mazé Method-trained instructor Nichol Chase. She has also completed multiple workshops/trainings with renowned teachers including Jason Bowman, Rusty Wells, Kathryn Budig, Laura Burkhart, Jenni Wendell, Stacey Rosenberg and Giselle Mari.

Follow Aislinn on Instagram at: @yogawithaislinn
Read more about Aislinn at: Yoga with Aislinn

Casa Tara Retreat Center
Tara, a female meditational deity for Buddhists, is considered to be the Bodhisattva (or mother) of Universal Love and Compassion. Buddhists believe that once she achieved her enlightenment on Earth, instead of transcending, she chose to stay in the world to help mankind raise their consciousness and free their souls.

Casa Tara is a luxury hotel in Baja California that works hard every day to build a platform where teachers and masters from all over the world can come and share their wisdom, guiding you towards enhancing your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Casa Tara, like a mother, is motivated by the profound desire to provide a caring, stress-free environment for all our guests… A sort of safe haven created for you to let go and just be yourself.

Casa Tara seeks to live in continuous harmony with the environment. As to the atmosphere, we asked a Feng Shui expert to come and lead the whole furnishing and color scheme process inside all areas, so Casa Tara is literally a place suited to relax and get in touch with your inner self.

Wake up every morning with an ocean view and breathtaking sunrises!

Whether your villa is near the spa or the restaurant, each and every villa opens up to a view of the Sea of Cortez that you can enjoy while relaxing in bed or lounging on your private patio. All rooms are air conditioned and have hot water. Additional features include daily housekeeping, a security safe, Wifi, and a working desk to make your stay as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

At the end of the day, close the evenings on your private patio with the backdrop of the sun setting over the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range before heading to La Moringa for a delicious dinner.

La Moringa Restaurant

From rich and abundant breakfasts to healthy versions of Asian-inspired dishes, La Moringa’s menu is always changing and evolving. Using the best of fresh and local ingredients, our chef guarantees a unique experience tasting all of Baja’s flavors.

Gather around sunset to have a drink at The Terrace’s lounge or enjoy the grilled “catch of the day” right off a local fishing boat, only available at our luxury hotel in Baja California. Our organic, local-sourced ingredients and the prime, beachfront location make La Moringa stand out from the usual hotel-dining experience.

La Moringa Restaurant offers honest food prepared with local produce grown in the area by experienced farmers. We deliver a healthy culinary experience full of tasty vegetables from seasonal harvests, and fresh seafood from low-impact fishing sources

Kahlal Spa & Wellness
Step into a haven of rest and tranquility, right there where the simplicity of the desert of Baja California meets the lavish marine life of the Sea of Cortez. Kahlal is an oasis of serenity and wellness where you can come to relax, renew and recharge.

At Kahlal Spa & Wellness, we’ve brought back to life the holistic teachings of our native ancestors and blended them with a mix of ancient oriental healing techniques to create a unique range of spa treatments. From skin-care rituals to aromatherapy signature massages you will find the perfect body-and-soul balancing package for you.

  • 5 Nights accommodation at Casa Tara Retreat Center
  • 2 Yoga Classes per day with Aislinn
  • 3 Handcrafted & freshly prepared pescaratian meals per day at La Moringa
  • Transportation from/to Los Cabos (SJD) on arrival/departure days



Single price is per person and includes: Accommodations for 5 nights in private room, 2 yoga classes per day, 3 meals per day, transportation to/from airport Double price is per person and includes: Accommodations for 5 nights in shared room (1 or 2 beds), 2 yoga classes per day, 3 meals per day, transportation to/from airport




All prices are per person
$500 Nonrefundable deposit secures your spot and price
Early Bird prices until January 31st
New prices will be posted on February 2nd
Payment plans are available
Any and all questions, please reach out to us: CONTACT US

Deposits are nonrefundable
Full refund (less deposit) permitted for cancellations before January 1

Are there payment plans available?2019-06-17T20:54:01-07:00

Yes! Once you pay the deposit to secure your spot on the retreat, we will reach out to discuss a payment schedule for the remaining balance. Our goal is to make our retreats accessible for everyone so whatever we can do to help ease the financial strain of booking a retreat, we will do our best to accommodate.

Can I book a shared room if I’m a solo traveler?2021-08-28T11:33:05-07:00


Please note though that by booking a shared room as a solo traveler, you are agreeing to be paired with a stranger.
Once the deposit is paid, we will reach out to talk about potential roommate preferences and do our best to accommodate.
If you have any additional questions/concerns, drop us an email:

Do I need to bring a power adapters/transformer?2019-06-18T08:40:14-07:00

Voltage and outlet type do vary by country and may be different than what we have in the US. Consult this site for a country by country reference on power: Plug, socket, & voltage by country

Do I need to bring my yoga mat or any props?2019-06-17T21:01:27-07:00

You’re more than welcome to bring your own mat and/or favorite yoga props! The retreat center is fully stocked with mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets that we’ll be using throughout our retreat.

I have a food allergy, can the retreat center accommodate me?2019-06-17T20:55:27-07:00

Generally speaking, yes – the retreat centers that we work with are accustomed to accommodating a wide range of food allergies and dietary preferences. If you have any doubts or would like to double-check, please write us at:

Is it going to be awesome?2019-06-17T20:50:40-07:00

yes, yes it is.

What if I have to cancel?2021-08-28T11:30:19-07:00

We understand that life happens and things don’t always go as planned. You can find the retreat-specific cancellation policy listed in the “Book a Room” tab of each retreat.
Beyond that, please see our TERMS & CONDITIONS

Please understand that we’re not out to make money on forfeited deposits/payments so if the response is that we’re not able to give you a refund, it’s because the decision is out of our hands.. Generally speaking, we’re bound by the terms imposed on us by the retreat center and/or vendors that we work with, which are often quite rigid. The closer we get to the retreat date, the less wiggle room there is for cash refunds.

Bottom line with cancellations – we understand and want to help so the sooner you can let us know, the more options we’ll be able to work with.

What payment methods do you accept?2019-06-23T13:10:02-07:00

You can pay directly on the site using PayPal, Venmo, or any major credit card (via the PayPal Guest Checkout).

If you prefer another method of payment (for example ApplePay, Zelle, or personal check), please CONTACT ME and we’ll get that set up for you!

Will my cell phone work?2019-06-18T08:36:51-07:00

We recommend checking with your provider. Most plans require purchasing an additional international plan for cellular data before your trip—cost varies depending on provider. You can also turn off your cellular data altogether and use your phone through Wifi. If you have an iPhone, you can still send iMessages and make internet voice calls to other iPhone users. With any smart phone, you can download apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Skype to be able to talk, video chat, and text over a Wifi. I definitely recommend downloading these apps before your trip if you plan on using them just in case internet is slow upon arrival. Another option (for those that have ‘unlocked’ phones) is to buy a prepaid SIM card in the airport.