Take a moment and close your eyes and picture yourself unwinding, decompressing, and practicing yoga in paradise… What do you see?

A skillful leader guiding you through a transformative journey? An empowering group? A serene setting to practice? Sounds of nature? A beach… or maybe mountains? A retreat center with the facilities needed to rest and rejuvenate? A comfortable room to sleep and relax? Fresh, organic meals? A margarita in hand maybe?

Now how do you feel? Lighter? Healthier? More positive? Refreshed?

Save this image and this feeling… and let’s make it your reality! This is the ultimate goal for every retreat that we run at Like Om Retreats. The focus is on the retreat experience and making sure that everyone walks away with the experience that they need.  For some, this may be simply taking the time to pause and hit the “reset” button. For others, a deeper spiritual transformation is needed. Wherever you are on the spectrum, we partner with the best retreat leaders and highest quality retreat centers to put together an unforgettable experience for each and every retreat. Consistent quality is our aim and no detail is spared.

Retreat Leaders

Our retreat leaders are simply the best. Each puts his or her heart and soul into providing the best experience for everyone on the retreat and is an expert at what they do. Our leaders have a vision or a theme and know how to execute. We’re very aware that an unforgettable retreat experience starts and ends with the leader and we’re incredibly grateful and appreciative of those leaders that we work with.

Want to learn more? Visit our Current Retreats to read the bios of these amazing retreat leaders.

Are you interested in having Like Om Retreats plan a retreat for you? Send us a message! Whether it is your first time around and are looking for some help to make your dream retreat come true or you’re a seasoned retreat leader looking for some help and relief on the back end, we’d love to work with you!

Retreat Centers

As the retreat center will be our home for the duration of the retreat, its importance to the overall experience cannot be overstated. Small hiccups with the facilities, rooms, transportation, or food often have large impacts on the overall retreat experience. On the other hand, when everything is running smoothly, this allows your body and mind to release and settle into the retreat. This is something that we understand well and strive to ensure that we worry about every detail small and large so that you don’t have to.

The promise that we make to all my retreat-goers is that we have personally been to each retreat center that we host a retreat at: We’ve interacted with the staff and owners; we’ve practiced in the exact spot where the retreat will practice; and we’ve done the trip (you know all the challenging traveling) that each one of you will do to arrive at the retreat. Some places don’t make the cut. The ones that do are guaranteed to provide the backdrop for smooth experience.

Locations & Price

We choose the most desirable locations while keeping in mind travel time and cost. Everyone is entitled to an amazing retreat experience that doesn’t have to break the bank or require you to take off 3 weeks of work. While everyone would love to go on retreats all the time, we understand that there are practical considerations involved when deciding on a retreat. We try to make retreats accessible for everyone by choosing locations that are convenient and affordable without sacrificing quality. Since we are a small company focused on giving everyone the retreat experience they desire, we have the ability to be accommodating in terms of offering payment plans, assisting with travel questions, and customizing retreat menus to fit any diet.

Retreat Group

Simply put: we arrive as strangers and leave as friends. Don’t take my word for it – visit our Past Retreats page to see all the smiles and happy memories of those that have joined us for a retreat!

We hope to see you on one (or many) of our future retreats!

Namaste ॐ